Ebrahim Jaffar Ebrahim is a Bahraini artist and graphic designer who was born in 1986. He is the first calligrapher to use the mouse as a writing tool.
He began his artistic career in 2005, focusing on free Arabic calligraphy and commercial identity design. He has created many logos and brands for various clients in the Arab world, such as government agencies, schools, institutes, restaurants, real estate companies, and more. Some of his most notable projects include Oman trains, the Bahraini e-government electronic key, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior's 100th anniversary, Domain Oman, and the personal identity of Sheikha Sheikha bint Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai's daughter.
First mouse calligrapher 
In 2010, Ebrahim Jaffar developed his own technique of writing directly with the mouse without using pens, reeds, or ink. He used Adobe Illustrator to create his unique style of free Arabic calligraphy. He has shared his skills and knowledge in many workshops, such as three workshops in Bahrain, two workshops in Kuwait, and one workshop in Oman.
Here are some examples of his work using the free Calligraphy with the mouse
Arabic Calligraphy Book
In 2020, Ebrahim Jaffar published the first book on free Arabic calligraphy using the mouse. The book showcases his artistic vision and innovation.
eje Studio™
In 2015, Ebrahim Jaafar founded his own company called eje Studio® Inc. The company is based in Bahrain and specializes in commercial identity design. The company offers a comprehensive service from strategy to execution, designing logos and everything related to the brand identity such as websites, stationery, etc.​​​​​​​

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